NEC Displays “Just ConNECt” Campaign

NEC Displays is a big player for computer users all around the world. But when it came to the education market, they found themselves with strong competition from Epson and InTouch. Through discovery, I found that NEC Displays has much to offer the K-12 teacher. And while they already have their hands full, technology is […]

Whirlpool Corp. Creative Leadership

Since I was assigned as the Creative Lead to the Whirlpool Corp. Builder and Trade account, I have been immersed and felt growth like no other account in my marketing career. Here are some of the highlights. Whirlpool Pro The client had asked us to create a new experience for their trade-facing customers. The new website […]

ISAC “Shock of College” Campiagn

I feel that marketing is most effective when you have a personal story to relate to or, better yet, a personal stake. It makes you understand the challenges deeper and you almost become part of the audience you’re targeting. Such was the case with ISAC’s “Shock of College” campaign. Here we are asked to sell […]

Culligan “Clear Water” Campaign

We had been focused on our public relations work with Culligan and the now infamous Culligan man. Around that same time my boss was building the creative team and now we had some additional firepower to make some new content for their efforts. The first project we did for them on the design side was […]

Whirlpool Corp. “Count On Us” Campaign

At home, my oven is a Maytag and our dryer is an Amana. We have a Whirlpool air conditioner somewhere. So, Whirlpool has always been around for me. Working on this account activated my inner nerd and when we got the chance to update their GTM campaign for the contract channel, I was very excited. For […]