Culligan “Clear Water” Campaign

We had been focused on our public relations work with Culligan and the now infamous Culligan man. Around that same time my boss was building the creative team and now we had some additional firepower to make some new content for their efforts.

The first project we did for them on the design side was a series of infographics. Since the client wasn’t sure they wanted, we started with some initial sketches.

We explained why each of them did it differently. And we didn’t want to sick with the tried-and-true – we wanted to tell a story. Afterall, this is a brand that has a mascot (sorta).

After we got started with the overall big picture, we settled on four different pieces of content we needed to create to explain different them to a similar audience. We went with a long, storied format that was distributed on their website, and promoted through Facebook and Twitter.

The success of the infographic series made it possible for us to work on four videos that did a similar job. With a very limited budget, we were able to make the same impact and create relevant content our audiences were looking for.

Now, brought to life, we had a similar challenge with budget and time, but we took it on by working with folks we knew who would work efficiently. We had a couple days on site to shoot some of the elements they didn’t have.

And brought it back to the office for editing. I did the first one to set the style and worked with a freelancer to create the other three.

Water Testing



High-Efficiency Softener

Between these two sets of content, we armed our PR and Culligan’s sales teams with great content they could share with their prospects to illustrate the challenges of clean water. They’re still using them.

my roles

Art Direction
Motion Graphics
Video Editing
Location setup

Although mostly motion graphics, I worked with a videographer and still photographer for some of the videos. A copywriter wrote the words for the script. Voiceover was also handled in a studio.