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Cobra Electronics updated their navigation against hefty competition. Not only against other companies, but THE company: Google. Cobra knew that truckers using Google Maps would be missing out on key information, like live diesel prices and bridge clearances. So selling this nav system was a no brainer.

We knew that it would be released at CES in a couple months but also needed to communicate a story both in print and with a “wow” video for the show, kiosks and Cobra’s product page. So we developed a campaign around it.


We developed four campaigns with different looks and big ideas, all that could resonate with the audience. Our client was used to seeing campaigns in a rough state, so we presented moodboards.

After “________” was chosen, we started developing the print ads that would be running in trade magazines with to the trucking audience.

With that deadline met, we prepared for the “wow” video. From the beginning, we knew we’d be able to work with Robb Mariani, former host of American Trucker and Cobra spokesperson. With his experience, we knew we would be able to nail the script easily.

Storyboard and script for our one-day shoot in North Carolina took a little under two weeks. We flew out the night before the shoot, did a quick review session the morning after we landed and got started with the filming. I had the chance to work with a freelance video and audio specialists to bring this to life. My creative director was on hand for the script work and I was on everything else.

The raw footage was edited at Motion Post in Forest Park, IL and two months later the updated Pro Nav 8500 debuted at CES next to our video at the new booth.

Once debuted, Cobra Electronics distributed the video across the country to select interactive kiosks at T/As and Petro locations. Where others were full of information and details, ours employed storytelling and hit home the benefits.

This isn’t the first time I had done a project like this, but it was the most recent time I had to basically pull an all-nighter and turn around a videoshoot in a matter of a day. Planning and being there in the moment running on coffee is something that I always remember. Not to mention the day of the shoot itself – working with true professionals on a farm in North Carolina will be one of my favorite memories.

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