Bose Professional Pitch Video

New business pitches can be fun or they can be a lot of work. In this case, the Bose Professional pitch video we did was both. It was a combination of the hottest music* (which we knowingly didn’t have the rights to) and a talented group of passionate people (us!) who wanted to impress them at the top of our pitch.

So how did it go? Very well! At the beginning of our hour-long presentation in the basement of their building outside Boston, the “music video” kicked it off and they were so impressed. A lot of smiling faces. We then launched into the rest of the presentation.

Ultimately, we didn’t win the business — we lost out to a local firm — but they were left with a great impression about us. So much so that, two years later, they gave us a call. Now, I’m not saying the video had anything to do with it… But…

Production Notes


I shot this with a Canon C100 and my coworkers used a Sony NEX-6.


I collected all the footage and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and a bit of Adobe After Effects.


Can’t Stop The Feeling
Justin Timberlake

Asterisk: Typically we’d NEVER use copyrighted music. Truth is we tried to find a song that was perfect for this and, since it was a new business pitch, we made this exception. However, we never left it with them nor did we show it to anyone else. That helped us sleep at night.