Beechworth Windows Mobile Experience

One of my favorite projects was the James Hardie Mobile Experience from 2013. So when they created the Beechworth Windows brand, I was more than excited to create something new.

Unlike their fiber cement product, Beechworth Windows were new to this audience – because we had just created the brand. From the beginning they knew they wanted a mobile showroom, but unlike the previous one we did. It had to be an experience, towable to events and homes and self-contained.

To invite them in, we called this the Design Studio. Complete with working windows, interactive screens, and two hospitality spaces for entertaining in all situations, we wanted this 28’-long trailer to make a grand impression.

Inside customers interacted directly with their products and move. The interior was bathed in light, from the “skylights” in the roof to diffuse LED lights made sure that when you came into the trailer you were experiencing their product as if you were outside.

When it wasn’t being used by field sales to do home visits, it was designed to do double-duty as the centerpiece to an outdoor event. While inside you can experience the windows for yourself and see all the colors, we didn’t leave outside out.

The approach side swung up to provide a durable awning in case of weather. And the back swung down for access for storage but also serve as a deck for BBQing.

In all we were very proud of the opportunity to present this option to them. We even we so far as to recommend foods and accessories that would go with the trailer, but could also be used as giveaways – like highly-graphical throw pillows and cookies that were warmed on the spot.

Sadly, the client didn’t move forward with our design although it went through all the stages of approval. Ultimately, they took the work in house and designed something very different.

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